Unconventional choices led me to where i am today

I was born in a little town in the North of Italy and moved abroad for the first time when I was 23 years old, after graduating. I chose to study Economics, it was the best option back then which would have allowed me to have a good job, a decent salary and enough security. 

At that time I had a partner, a ‘good enough’ career in front of me, a supportive family but yet the main question I was asking myself was: ‘Is that all?’.

Let’s be honest: I did study Economics but I was not passionate about it, I did have a partner but he couldn’t see through my layers, I was surrounded by people but couldn’t resonate with them.

I had no idea what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go.

I felt very lost. I needed a change, I needed to prove myself that there was more out there I could explore, more people I could learn from. I just had no idea how to do it and felt extremely overwhelmed. The desire of finding my own path was so strong that I couldn’t accept anymore to simply do things because ‘that’s the most coherent option’. I

I booked my ticket to Australia, one way – far enough so that I couldn’t easily come back if I ‘missed my known environment’. Luckily, I found someone crazy enough to share this experience with me.

Was it an easy choice?

It was Fxxxxx scary! I was not sure it was the right choice, I was scared of the outcome, I had so many ‘what if…’, I was scared of what I was leaving behind and started doubting that maybe I was just being too pretentious.I still remember the

sentence of one of my closest friends: ‘I know you Sara; once you leave, you will never come back!’. I smiled, I did not believe her or probably I did not believe in myself. I can now say: She was right!

I landed in Sydney and.. The journey began! It was a journey of self-discovery at 360 degrees that still continues today and brought me to where I am today.


I have learnt not to give up, to persevere on my goals; I have learnt that there is always a second chance and many more, that there is not ‘right or wrong’ in a goal. I have learnt that if you surround yourself with people who believe in you, you will believe in yourself more.

I left Australia with a new awareness and many more dreams and probably as many said a bit ‘too many ideas’. I have to admit, I felt into this loop as well. “Maybe I have too many ideas, maybe they are too disconnected and if I don’t choose one then I won’t ever be successful’.

This way of thinking, brought me to the Netherlands with another ‘safe project’: Sales Consultant for an International Company. I tried to get back into that scheme of ‘safe life choices’ but I couldn’t fit in, I did not believe that was the safest choice in the long term and especially I had a goal that was still firing my deeper layer: figuring out what my purpose in life was, what I was meant to do. I quit that job and I felt lost again, so I travelled.

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During my travels I met a lot of interesting people with a life which was completely out of the schemes, I met so many lost souls and started an endless inner discovery. I have learnt about myself, my strengths and my weaknesses. For the first time, I let my professional choices be led by passion; for the first time, I just looked inside and I made a choice that was surely not the safest one but the most appropriate.

I moved to a new city in the Netherlands to open a gym! What a crazy idea but I’d say: life needs to be a little crazy or it gets boring! Looking back, I would make every single step again, especially the ones that felt uncomfortable. I am building myself everyday, trying to avoid falling back into a scheme. I believe each of us has something to share with others and when we live following our values, we are able to share what we are meant to.

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