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“To be strong does not mean to sprout muscles and flex. It means meeting one’s own numinosity without fleeing, actively living with the wild nature in one’s own way. It means to be able to learn, to be able to stand what we know. It means to stand and live.”

CIT. ‘Women who run with the Wolves’

Our goal is to make people stronger in all aspects of life, to help them in developing awareness and acceptance of their bodies. 

We are a community, a pack

About Us

S&S, Sara and Steph. By joining S&S Fitness Wolves, you’ll become part of an awesome community and you’ll be recognized as a WOLF of the pack. 

Wolves are wild creatures, incredibly independent but also very attached to the family. You will find a community, a group of people who share struggles and achievements – not only a gym.

We combine deceptively simple exercises into CIRCUITS in order to challenge not only your body but also your mind. Balance and proprioception training, core stability, cardio & strength focused workouts.

Workouts are different every day, you will be surprised on how many ways there are to move and challenge our bodies. Our classes are suitable for all levels of fitness, variations are always included in the programs. High Intensity Training to learn how to handle a high intensity pace, without losing focus and control of your body and mind. Body Alignment and Animal Flow classes, to develop awareness and focused muscle activation, to increase mobility and coordination.

S&S Fitness Wolves offers you a complete variety of training; by combining different classes throughout the week, you will quickly feel the benefits of the well-thought combinations. Moreover, we are a fun group to workout with; an interesting mix of Expats and Dutchies that also enjoy monthly meetings together outside the gym in order to keep our connection strong!

We love our community and would love to see you becoming part of it!


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S&S Fitness Wolves

Behind the scenes, we still have a lot of fun!

  wolf studio more then just a gym

As trainers we are passionate in helping others get the BEST out of themselves mentally and physically. Exercising is more then just getting through a workout. It’s about creating a positive continuous journey that brings you happiness, and keeps you smiling.

It’s about realizing you can do more then you EVER thought was possible. It’s about becoming more mindful, and motivated towards maintaining a HEALTHIER and HAPPIER version of yourself

Fitness Wolves studio is located at:

Eendrachtlaan 100, 2526 LB, Utrecht Easily accessible from Utrecht Central: 12 minutes by bike 14 minutes by car 14 minutes by bus/tram

push up challenge

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Review for Bootcamp classes

I have been training with Steph and Sara almost for three years. I did not have any training experience when I first joined but loved the bootcamp class right away! I used to have often back and muscles pain but since I joined S&S Fitness Wolves I feel fit and full of energy! The trainers follow you continously, offer each time new exercises/ workouts, correct the technique, and if needed, personalize the exercises based on your fit level. Each Bootcamp class involves hard work but most important great fun! I highly recommend at least one trial class,, for sure you will decide to be part of the wolves.

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