Live Training

Individual Coaching

Sessions of personal training in Utrecht (S&S Fitness Wolves) and Amsterdam (location to be agreed).

During these 1 hour sessions, we will create a progressive training plan, adapted to your starting level, your personal history, your life-style and your goals. We aim to a life-time progress, both physical and mental. 

Price: depending on the length of the journey; it ranges between 50 and 70 euros per hour.

Availability: to be agreed.

Partner Training

Connect through movement. Think about what you can do alone, imagine what you can do together.

These sessions are great if you are looking for a fun way to spend time with your partner (life partner or friend) while getting fitter and learning about movement. It is proved that working out together increases your connection and it is a boost of motivation.

Workouts are complementary and adapted to the different fitness levels you might have, attention is still very personal.

Location: Utrecht (S&S Fitness Wolves) or Amsterdam (at home or in a park or other agreed location).

Price: depending on the length of the journey; it ranges between 70 and 110 euros per hour.

Availability: to be agreed.


Partner Trainer Amsterdam
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Review for Bootcamp classes

I have been training with Steph and Sara almost for three years. I did not have any training experience when I first joined but loved the bootcamp class right away! I used to have often back and muscles pain but since I joined S&S Fitness Wolves I feel fit and full of energy! The trainers follow you continously, offer each time new exercises/ workouts, correct the technique, and if needed, personalize the exercises based on your fit level. Each Bootcamp class involves hard work but most important great fun! I highly recommend at least one trial class,, for sure you will decide to be part of the wolves.

Review for Unlimited classes

Great classes that I’m always excited to head to. Everyone gets enough attention, and the focus is not only on doing exercises but also how you do them the right way. Sara and Stephanie are amazing trainers who continuously find fun ways to challenge us. I definitely recommend to join the amazing community.

Review for Individual coaching

JUST The perfect workout



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