How can I be so energetic all the time, despite the current situation?

How can I be so energetic all the time, despite the current situation?

It took me a while to publish this article; I was planning to do so last week but my energy level was particularly low that I felt so misaligned with what I wrote.

I had an amazing weekend, a powerful silent morning reading and feeling and suddenly an emotion of sadness took all the space. I started thinking about all this situation we are living, how far from my comprehension it is; how much I miss my family and the ‘normal’ contact with people. Then, with this sensation, I started observing my life – those elements in my life that I am still longing for. My mind was so occupied and distracted with a thousand of thoughts that I felt the opposite of ‘full of energy’.

I tried to hide this feeling, to suppress it. I felt I couldn’t allow myself to be sad or emotional or tired or confused.  “I am energetic, full of positivity and always ‘on the go’. I cannot feel this way”. I kept telling myself but my suppressing that feeling, I just made it even more powerful. 

This is why I chose not to share this article last week – I did not feel tuned in with it. 

Today, after allowing myself to feel and honestly trying my best to accept that version of me – I have decided to share these words with you. I have realized that this is the best moment and way for me to be vulnerable and real in your eyes, showing you that I am really not ‘always full of energy and positivity’. 

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When I first wrote this article, this is how I wanted to answer to the question: How can I be so energetic all the time? I accept that I am not and I do all I can in order to recognize where my lack of energy, motivation comes from. Sometimes I can do this on my own, taking pen and paper and writing down all that I am feeling – some other times, I look for external guidance’.

True, completely true but to be honest…so hard to apply! I struggle with accepting that I am not feeling full of energy and to show that struggle. The truth is that I always try to respond in the best way I can to this struggle, this is why I am now ready to share with you a little more about the answer:

I am not energetic all the time. I have those down moments when I feel like everything is going in the wrong direction – those moments where my motivation is very low, I struggle to wake up early in the morning as I am used to and I start procrastinating. The question is: how do I deal with this?

These are indeed strange and unexpected times. I hear similar and unique stories everyday from people and I perceive a general feeling of discomfort within this situation, especially among women. We are all moving towards a direction without any certainty and that’s not easy.

Here I want to share some of the core values and reminders I give myself to remember that I am the powerful being that can choose how to re-act.

  1. Walk your WHY

    Leaving by my own personal set of values believes; identifying and acting on values that are truly my own, not those imposed on me by others; identifying and acting on what I genuinely care about, not on what I ‘should’ care about. Following my WHY gives me a sense of meaning and satisfaction.

    I don’t know what is the right or wrong behaviour to have right now but whatever I decide to do, I choose to do it because I believe in it – because I know that it will benefit me and others – because I believe it will have a positive impact on my life and on society. Not easy but I try to remind myself of it every time.

  2. Share opinions 

    Talk to people, read and listen to different points of view about the current situation; I try to keep my mind agile! This is for me the only way to be able to find my WHY and be aligned with my core values.

  3. Do something everyday that brings you back to your own center 

    Last year I started with meditation and Yoga and I now incorporate both of them in my daily routine. Having a lot of energy can sometimes become overwhelming and counterproductive so I find the need of channeling it. This really helps me, it slows down my system and reminds me that what matters most is now.

    I have a small routine in the morning. I wake up quite early and drink a glass of warm-water with apple cider vinegar.  I take a cold shower. I sit on my mat and slowly activate my body and mind through a yoga practice, some other movements that feel good on that day and 10 -15 minutes of silent meditation. The truth is that some days I don’t do it as the first thing in the morning but I make sure I find the time throughout the day.

  4. Spend time outdoors!

    For a walk, for a run or other forms of exercise, to grab a coffee. I just make sure I step out of the door, even (and especially) when I feel lazy to do so!  Being in front of a laptop, sitting the entire day is not natural. Don’t forget it! We are made for moving, connecting, changing and adapting.

  5. Take on a challenge!

    Last year I started dipping in cold water with some friends. I have always had such a hard time with cold but I have to say that it is becoming quite addictive and “easier”!

    I love the feeling of stepping into something new and still out of the comfort zone and I appreciate the sense of community that this “ritual” brings. This brings me energy, it makes me smile and feel full of life.

  6. Take care of people you love  If you cannot bring them to restaurants, choose alternatives but be creative! Seeing the positive impact I can have on someone else, brings me joy and a lot of positive energy and keeps me anchored to my core values.

  7. Accept 

    That planning is more difficult right now so do not buy that flight ticket hoping it won’t get cancelled; instead wait till the last moment and choose alternative ways to go and visit your family.

  8. Going abroad is a little tricky right now, what about a change of scenario? 

    I had that myself, felt the need to step out of the “usual routine” and be in a different environment to get inspired! I did not go too far, just to a house in Amsterdam but felt great to wake up with a different view. I kept giving online classes and working on my projects but being in a different surrounding had such an impact.

  9. Outside working hours – be offline, do things offline! 

    Luckily, my job doesn’t necessarily require me to be in front of a laptop but I know most of you spend  long hours sitting and looking at the screen. Hours and hours of virtual meetings and calls.

    Still, with this situation, I increased my ‘laptop time’ quite a bit. Therefore, I feel the need to spend as much time as I can doing things where I do not look at a screen if I do not have to.

  10. Learn something new 

    If that involves movement – even better!  Read – listen to interviews – get inspired! Last year I discovered Animal Flow, a ground-based movement that creates an awesome mind-body connection. I practice it regularly and join classes with other teachers.

    I honor these times and where they are bringing us; it is important we stay centered and we allow ourselves to be. With this article I want to share some of the things that keep my energy high, some of the things I do to bring myself back to the center and to see opportunities in everything that happens on my path. With this article I want to say that beneath the surface there is much more that what we can see above the water; the more we allow that to be, the more we will find our balance and truly connect with ourselves and with others.

    Energies are in motion, energies can be out of control. Energies can be channeled and that requires inner-work. Definitely I am not an expert but attracted and fascinated by my own inner world.

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