my story and my intention

I am Sara Bigatti, a woman looking to live and relate in the most authentic way.

Born and raised in Italy, I moved abroad early in my youth and explored different cultures and realities. I have spent almost 6 years in the Netherlands but who knows where I will be when you happen to be on my page! my intimate connection to movement alimented my calling to guide others to experience the powerful transformation that this practice has always given me. movement has had a profound impact on my way of being and has been the principal medium to relate to myself and to others. as a little child, i was mostly exposed to individual sports such as swimming and athletics – enjoying every bit of training and competition. around the age of 18, i joined my first team sport and started playing volleyball together with a group of women as eager as i was to have fun and give their best!


After graduating, I left my beautiful country to explore the world. that was the best decision ever. i have always been a very active and curious person with a strong desire to discover who i really am but i knew i had to get out of my comfort zone to fullt embrace that. a few countries and many adventures later, i began an active career as a personal trainer. opening my first studio in the netherlands. 


Fascinated by exploring movement as thoroughly as possible, I deepened my scientific knowledge by studying with experienced trainers, fitness professionals and movers, gaining a variety of training certifications.  my desire to continue exploring movement in all its forms, brought me in 2019 to go to belgium to attenf my first animal flow workshop with an incredible teacher – becoming a certified instructor myself, in a continuous expansion of my own knowledge. Animal flow connected me to beautiful beings as well as to an incredibly powerful community and turned on my curiosity to continuing exploring this body-mind connection. The body-mind-soul interconnection is something incredibly fascinating to me tha cannot be separated. i believe in the power of personal and spiritual growth, especially when explored through embodied practices. 

In 2020 I had my first experience of conscious connected breathing, guided by one of the most incredible women I have ever met. After that day, my whole system felt an incredible shift and I truly embodied the powerful magic of breathwork. That journey allowed me to open up vessels within my own body, to allow emotions to move through and release stored sensations that were blocking me from living my life to its fullest. a week after, i embarked on a 6 months powerful journey to become a facilitator myself, consisting in 30+ hours of individual coaching and many hours of self-practice and study. In 2022 I become a certified oxygen advantage® Master Instructor- a program that teaches the science behind optimal breathing and its applications for physical and mental health and sport performance. 

My intention is to guide you through a journey of self-exploration and discovery of your own limits. Through movement and breathwork, I motivate you to explore what feels uncomfortable and to flow out of the conventional way of being, embracing the truest version of yourself. I want to motivate you to make movement a priority and to explore what your body is capable of. I want to invite you into a deeper awareness of your own body and its healing power, using breath and movement as a guidance.

I could continue writing about the journey that brought me where i am today but i feel that the most important thing i can share with you is that change is not an easy path. it requires courage, exploration and a lot of processing. change is a powerful choice we can make every single day, despite how hard it may feel at times. but, if you are here, if you feel it is time for you to look at things from a different perspective and you are ready to make that first step, i would be GRATEFUL to support you and guide you through the journey. 

With love,





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