Saturday Animal Flow with Sara Bigatti

What is Animal Flow?

Animal Flow®  combines ground-based movements with elements from various bodyweight-training disciplines to create a fun and challenging workout, emphasizing multi-planar fluid movement. Structured animal-style movements are linked together to form flows; you will be moving on the ground in ways you are not used to (anymore) and you will be using muscles you didn’t even know existed!

Grace and power, calm and storm, control and chaos, intensity and educated focus. All of this brought together in one practice. 

Strength and Mobility, together in one practice

There is something in this practice that represents what I have always looked for. It is a great mix of strength and mobility, balance is key, and there is a strong need for coordination. You can easily play around with rhythm, pace and intensity and end up with a completely different practice aiming at diversified goals. 

This type of movement is also great to combine with other sport practices. As an endurance athlete myself, I have realized how many benefits this approach has on my overall feeling; my spine mobility has had an incredible improvement and my hips came back to life!

This form of movement increases your connection with original patterns and improves the body-mind link that it is too often neglected when performing regular strength exercises. 

SB Trainer Animal Flow Pose
animal flow pose

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